This is where I'll be writing about all the things I've done to the car, as I do them...

Thurs 5th December - Wheel Trim Operation - (Cosmetic)
Ok, here's what I did. On the grounds that those tiny little silver disk hubcap things are £25 a pop, and prone to flying off, I've stuck some hubcaps from a GM900 on in their stead. I've got a lovely shine on the little one's I've taken off by putting them in the dishwasher , although if Mrs Tone finds out I'll be in bother. I also ruined a perfectly good toothbrush by taking the front indicator-sidelight lenses off and scrubbing them in the bath a bit. They were horribly green and mouldy before, and although it's not an obvious thing, now they're so clean, it really makes the whole car look better. Job's a good 'un!

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